Trawalla Primary school is in the town of Trawalla in central Western Victoria, Australia, located on the Western Highway, 41km west of Ballarat and 154km west of Melbourne, in the Shire of Pyrenees.

Trawalla sits at the headwaters of the Mount Emu Creek where it crosses the Western Highway.  The Ararat railway line passes through the area.  A railway station was in service at Trawalla but closed in the 1960’s.  The Moner balug clan of the Wathaurong Aboriginal people called the area Trawalla which means ‘wild water’ or possibly ‘much rain’.

In 1836 the district was traversed and noted by explorer Sir Thomas Mitchell after ascending Mount Cole.  

Trawalla is the birthplace of Australia’s ninth Prime Minister James Scullin. James Henry Scullin was born on 18 September 1876.  He died in Melbourne on 28 January 1953.  He attended Trawalla State school and later Mount Rowan near Ballarat.

Trawalla Primary School provides an exciting education to students from the surrounding district and the nearby township of Beaufort.  We run two classrooms of prep-2 and grades 3-6.  We currently have two classrooms, each with interactive whiteboards.

The school has a vegetable garden, worm farm and chook house and chooks, all of which are linked to the classroom learning.  
Trawalla is involved in inter-school activities with the Pyrenees Cluster of schools; Amphitheatre, Elmhurst, Landsborough, Navarre, Natte Yallock and Moonambel.  Examples of activities include group days, sporting events and cluster camp.  Our school camp program rotates around water, bush and city themes.

End of year is celebrated with a School concert with awards based on the school’s values awarded to students.  The concert has a variety of musical and dramatic performances performed by students.