Elmhurst Primary School aims to provide opportunities and programs that enable and encourage students to reach their full academic and personal potential.  Our personalized learning programs allow students to develop necessary skills to become caring and active members of the community and wider community.

Elmhurst Primary school values the inner beauty, strengths and individuality of each student and staff member. We acknowledge differences and encourage tolerance, cooperation, fairness, loyalty and friendship. We prepare students to become self-reliant and confident learners, capable of setting and achieving realistic goals.  We value and foster opportunities for students to acquire awareness of global issues and equip them to meet life challenges in an ever changing and increasingly complex world.

Elmhurst is a small rural township engaging a supportive community. The Elmhurst Primary School strengths lie in the dedicated staff that provide a stable, diverse and creative curriculum. Maintaining enrolments is an ongoing challenge. We are well-resourced and provide ongoing professional support for students and staff.  The provision of interactive whiteboards in classrooms and introduction of Video Conferencing provides students with technology into the future.