About Elmhurst Primary School

Elmhurst Primary Schoolabout us aims to create and maintain a caring and stimulating learning community of staff, students and parents that has high expectations of all members, fosters lifelong learning and promotes local and global citizenship.

The decisions and behaviours of all members of our school community are guided by our core values and philosophy.

Achievement - doing your best.
Honesty – acknowledging mistakes
Respect - caring for yourself, others and the environment
Cooperation - working with and learning from others

Our school is a small rural primary school in central Victoria located on the Pyrenees Highway between Ararat and Avoca.  The school’s enrolment of 13students represents a culturally diverse mixture. We offer 2 main areas  - Senior and Junior classes. The Senior room comprises level 3 – level 6 and the Junior area is made up of Foundation  to level 2. The school also offers specialist staff and programs in Library (MARC) and Japanese via video conferencing.

Student learning is designed to ensure all students are challenged at their point of learning need and student groupings are flexible both within and across with teachers dedicated to knowing and developing each child at their level. The school’s technology program provides access to individual computers and access to several laptop computers, notebooks, i-Pads and Interactive Whiteboards.

The school is committed to catering for the individual learning needs, abilities and interests of students in a secure and caring environment. The school’s philosophy underpins teaching which encourages students to:

  • be motivated, inquiring and independent learners
  • achieve mastery of the essential learning standards aligned to the Australian Curriculum with particular emphasis in Literacy and Numeracy
  • develop decision-making, problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • develop self-esteem, tolerance and respect
  • develop individual learning goals and have a voice in the design of their learning experience
  • develop leadership skills and operate effectively as part of a team
  • use technology to enhance their learning.

Additional programs include Camps -Canberra camp every 4 years for levels 4 – 6, Cluster camps & overnight camps for all levels.  Life Education, Swimming, Health & cooking programmes in conjunction with the Elmhurst Bush Nursing Centre, Guitar lessons, Sports at Cluster and Regional levels and Specialist programmes.

Being a part of the Pyrenees Cluster of Schools enables students to interact with like levelled students 3 times per term. We travel usually by bus and spend the day covering curriculum and specialist areas.