School Council

Meetings are held twice a term (except during school holidays) historyat 7pm in the school staff area. Dates are posted in the calendar.
Meetings are open to the school community.

What School Council does.
The main job of the School Council is to make sure the school has good governance. Good governance means seeing that everything to do with the running of the school is done properly, according to the right processes and for the right purpose. Governance is not about making day-to-day decisions - that’s called management and is the job of the Principal (who also provides leadership for the school community), the Business Manager and staff.
School Councils main tasks are to:

  • advise on the school’s physical needs
  • manage school property
  • ensure cleaning and grounds maintenance is done
  • contribute to the setting of school policies
  • participate in setting standards for improvement
  • approve the budget and sight and accept monthly financial statements
  • advise community needs and engage the school community
  • participate in Staff Selection
  • employ Council staff (maintenance office, grounds people)
  • general curriculum related matters

School Council Members
School Council parent representative elections are held every year at the Annual General Meeting. Teaching staff should also elect their School Council representatives annually.

Terms of Office

  • Half the School Council’s elected members are up for re-election each year
  • A term of office for a School Council member is two years. Members may serve for a maximum of three consecutive terms (six years).
  • The Principal serves for the full term of their appointment

At Elmhurst Primary School the composition of School Council is:

  • 5 parent members, elected by parents; one being the chairperson.
  • The principal

School council members volunteer their time to support the school.