Welcome to Navarre Primary School

Navarre Primary School is a vibrant rural school situated on the edge of the Pyrenees Ranges and located midway between the larger rural towns of St.Arnaud and Stawell.

The school was established in 1864 and has been proudly serving the community for 150 years.

The school is integral to the life of the community and is strongly supported by a network of parents, grandparents and friends of Navarre Primary School.

The students at Navarre Primary School look forward to coming to school and are excited about their learning.

Students enjoy a wide curriculum that includes a Kitchen Garden Program. Each student has their own vegetable patch which they tend with lots of love. Students harvest their produce and learn how to turn it into delicious and healthy meals in our well equipped kitchen.

Our instrumental music program is also a hit, and is taught by highly regarded teacher, Mrs Marland.

Our recorder group is often spotted performing at various events in the community.

Literacy and Numeracy are our core business. The daily literacy and numeracy blocks provide the students with the opportunity to build sound skills in these vital areas.

The Reading Café and Daily Five approaches are used during the literacy block. Specialist support in oral language and reading recovery are provided by trained staff.

Numeracy learning is based on real life applications, and is delivered using a variety of information and communication technology.

Our Languages program (Japanese) is provided via video conferencing facilities, from our colleagues at Trawalla Primary School.

A strong daily physical education program is provided. Students have performed well winning the Pyrenees Rural School Sports Association athletics carnival four times in the past seven years.  Students have competed at Zone and Regional levels in athletics and enjoy participating with their cluster friends in regional competitions in basketball, netball and cricket.

Our school works closely with all schools in the Pyrenees Cluster. Our students attend three cluster days each term. These cluster days provide our students with opportunities to build cluster wide friendships and to learn from a variety of teachers with specialist skills.