Health & Physical Education
The school provides our students with knowledge, health physical educationskills and behaviours to enable them to achieve a degree of autonomy in developing and maintaining their physical, mental, social and emotional health. We focus on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and physical activity in the lives of our students.

The teachers promote the potential for lifelong participation in physical activity through the development of motor skills and movement competence, health-related physical fitness and sport education. Our teachers model good sportsmanship skills by playing structured as well as unstructured games at recess and lunchtime. The games we choose usually mirror the ones played in the wider community to ensure the development of skills necessary for our students’ participation in community sports. Engaging our students in physical activity, games, sport and outdoor recreation contributes to a sense of community and social connectedness. These are vital components of improved wellbeing.

Our students’ involvement in physical activity can take many forms, ranging from individual, non-competitive activity through to competitive team games. Emphasis is placed on combining motor skills and tactical knowledge to improve individual and team performance. They progress from the development of basic motor skills to the performance of complex movement patterns that form part of team games. Students learn rules and procedures to enable them to participate in movement and physical activity safely and confidently.

The students study the health needs necessary to promote and maintain growth and development. We examine the role of food in meeting dietary needs and the factors that influence food choice.