Welcome to Landsborough Primary School

Landsborough Primary School is located at the foothills of the Pyrenees Ranges. It is part of the innovative and progressive Pyrenees Cluster which consists of 7 small rural schools. The school's core focus is to develop our students so that they can become independent, life-long learners. We achieve this by creating a learning environment where our students can become risk-takers, researchers, independent learners and thinkers, as well as, socially aware members of the community.

Over the last few years, the school staff has undertaken extensive professional development in English and Mathematics. We developed small school English and Mathematics documents which have been shared around the Cluster. Landsborough Primary School has in place enviable learning programs and teaching resources which enable our students to continue their growth. The students learn Japanese in their Languages Program. This is achieved via video-conferencing and face-to-face teaching time.

As a small, rural primary school, we ensure our students experience life outside our town. In 2013, Landsborough Primary School undertook a Little Desert/Naracoorte Caves camp, a 5/6 Melbourne Leadership Camp, tri-term Cluster Days as well as local excursions. The school has a mobile library van that comes to the school every fortnight and a visiting science teacher who engages the students in hands-on experiments.

The school operates 2 classrooms (Foundation-2 and 3-6) for its 18 students and we have developed many extra-curricular activities such as Cluster Days, a Swim/Gym program, camps, local excursions and cluster/division/regional sport. We also have one-to-one computers and use iPads, an Interactive Whiteboard and video-conferencing equipment to enhance student learning. There are 2.2 equivalent full-time staff: 1 teaching Principal, 1 expert teacher and a 0.2 Education Support Staff member.