daily timetable

Daily Timetable

English is a 2-hour block every morning. We follow the Daily 5 and Café approach where students learn to read by ‘Reading to Self”, ‘Reading with a Partner’ and ‘Listening to Reading’ to build stamina. Spelling, writing and oral language are an integral part of the morning and are explicitly taught in the English block.

Each day we allocate 1 ½ hours between 11.30 and 1.00 to Mathematics. We believe in the hands-on approach instead of using worksheets, and we try to link Mathematics to the real world. We use an Interactive Whiteboard, Netbook computers, iPads and try to stimulate and engage the students with lots of games and activities.

In the afternoon we run a 1 ¼ hour session in ‘Integrated Studies’.  These two hours incorporate the study of Science, Humanities, Geography, Sport, Art, Technology and Civics and Citizenship.