Programs at Amphitheatre Primary School

Amphitheatre Primary has a wealthpromotions of support from the local community in running programs throughout the school.
In recent years we have developed a program that encapsulates the Government’s push to encourage Australians to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing.  Through a number of different grants we have begun the Gardening Program.  Students design and research vegetables and fruits that are able to be grown during the different times of year.  They are then involved in the planting and maintaining of the garden until the produce is harvested.

From the harvesting of vegetables and fruits we have developed the next step in the understanding of a healthy lifestyle.  Amphitheatre Primary School is lucky enough to have a parent who is a trained chef who volunteers her time to teach the students how to make delicious and healthy meals.  Once week a selection of students cooks lunch for the entire school.

We have successfully received a Government grant to run Active After School Communities Program each week to allow students in our rural setting the opportunities to participate in variety of sports.  The program runs from 3:30pm to 4:30pm twice a week.