History of Amphitheatre Primary School

Amphitheatre has had a long history with education.  historyAs the Gold rush hit fever pitch in the 1850’s and 60’s it was evident that the mining town needed a place for students to receive an education.  In 1861 the first Amphitheatre Primary School No. 22 was established.  It was run so successfully in the in the next decade that the building was too small for it to hold the student body. 

A new site was found to house a bigger primary school to accommodate the students.  On the 1st September, 1875 the Amphitheatre Primary School No. 1637 was opened.  It consisted of one large room with high ceilings and an elevated floor at the end of the room for the infants.  The school had a fluctuating number of students over the next 50 years with numbers as low as 38 and as high as 110 in 1919.  Due to the increase in numbers in 1919 a wall was erected in the school to create two separate classrooms. 

In 1932 the old Langi Logan School was brought in and attached to the main building to become the third classroom providing much need space for the large student population.

In 1967 the school was again given a new addition to the building with the attachment of an office and storeroom.
Currently the school is still running with the original building, Langi Logan School and office area.  Due to the recent funding allocated to the school we are in the process of being able to refurbish the interior of the building to bring it up to the 21st century standards of technology and classroom space. The exterior will be restored back to its original colour scheme and all of the historic features will be maintained.

Within the Amphitheatre School grounds we also have two historic trees that have touched the hearts and imaginations of most past and present students.  In the back corner of the school grounds sits our magnificent oak tree.  The tree is rumoured to be well over one hundred years old.

Close to the main entrance of the school is a small but revered quince tree.  The tree is approximately 80 years old and is a major feature of the school logo.  Students have always enjoyed the quince jelly and stewed quinces from this famous tree.  Action has been taken to mark our quince tree as a historical tree by Heritage Victoria.