Curriculum at Amphitheatre Primary School

We cater for real life learning by encouraging our curriculumstudents to engage in activities that will be useful and meaningful to them as they move into society.  Each morning we timetable 20 minutes of physical exercise to begin the day.  This encourages students to motivate their minds and body to be ready for the tasks for the rest of the day.

Literacy is conducted in a 1 hour and 40 minute block in the mornings.  This block has a main focus of reading, writing with the inclusion of listening and speaking.

Each day we allocate 1 hour 30 minutes of mathematics between recess and lunch.  We strive to use many ‘hands on’ activities to engage the student in lessons.  We incorporate the use of the Interactive Whiteboard to stimulate the sensors and excite the student’s ideas of mathematics.

In the afternoon we run 1 and 30 minutes hour session as ‘Integrated Studies’.  These two hours incorporates many units of study such as Science, Geography, Sport, Visual Arts, Technology, Civics and Citizenship.  The majority of the units also allow for the continuation of the development of reading, writing and mathematical skills into the afternoon.

Amphitheatre Primary is also luck enough to be involved in a pilot project in delivering French via video conferencing.  Due to the strong French connection with the local wineries and community members, students are often given the chance to use their French language and knowledge of the culture in discussions.